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About me

Polaroid headshot of Blake Pleasant, Advertising Agency Creative Art Director, from Chicago, Illinois.
After falling
in love with design and photography,

I spent several years owning my craft (about a decade, but who's counting...).

I have my portfolio from Chicago Portfolio School, and have been fortunate to work at the world's best creative agencies ever since. I am obsessed with growing my talents and my passion is relentless. Advertising doesn't have to be noise; It can actually change the world. I'm more focused now on driving diversity, equity, and inclusion, alongside pushing the boundaries for economic, social & political impact (ESG).

Sometimes though, humor is the best for a tough brief. Put me in a room with a problem, and I will generate 100+ ideas in no time. It helps to have a great partner and team though, ideally, a team of weirdo cool people. After all, this industry is all about your team and the people you collaborate endlessly with.

I have art directed for various levels of clients (small-large global brands), to develop truly creative insights and big ideas.

I'm an expert in social media campaigns, and creating branded communication experiences that their customers love.

I have gained invaluable experience  working with brands like Kellogg's, Anheuser-Busch, Kroger, Burger King, Clorox (Hidden Valley Ranch), FTX, Truly, Choose Chicago, 500px, Apple, Mars Inc., and Wintrust Financial Corporation.

dentsu creative (formerly 360i)
Art Director, Social Creative Lab

Client: Kroger mainly, but occasionally work on Burger King, Truly, FTX, Oreo, Totinos, Hidden Valley Ranch, and I am the inaugural dentsu Shadow Board Team Leader, working alongside our Americas senior leaders and Executive Committee Board to innovate on real, highly-important, complex  issues the Executive Committee has identified.

My normal work duties? I regularly art direct, concept, design, collaborate, present, lead production final product, or get brought in as a conceptual specialist on integrated campaign projects or pitches.

From day one to when it's produced and trafficked, alongside my copywriter partner and under mentorship or guidance from my GCD, CDs, ACDs, Senior Creatives, and others cross-functionally.

Jan. 2022- (Present)
Leo Burnett
Art Director Intern

Client: Kellogg's (Eggo, Club Crackers, Cheez-It, Rice Krispie Treats, Frosted Flakes, and more).

Primarily art directed on social/digital, proactive client concepts, integrated campaigns, and assisted the ACD with TV/Film commercial art direction and pre-production treatments and storyboarding.
2021 (Summer)
Blake Pleasant Creative Co.
Freelance Art Director &
Creative Consultant

Clients: FCB Chicago, Anheuser-Busch, Stella Artois, Bud Light, Mars Inc., Walmart, Tom Dick & Harry, Skil, FLEX, EGO power tools, and more...
Pleasant Photography
Professional Photographer

500px Worldwide Photography Ambassador, 98K+ followers on social photography accounts (500px + Instagram combined). Primarily shoot street/documentary, architecture, commercial, aerial/drone, 35mm + 120mm analog film photography.
Creative Services Intern
Chicago Portfolio School
Art Director
"Best Art Direction" Winter Quarter 2020-21
DePaul University
PR & Advertising, B.A.
Graphic Design minor
"Best Art Direction" Winter
Quarter 2020-21, Chicago
Portfolio School
Featured in Ads of the World,
"Kraft Singles Cheese Pull"
Worldwide 500px Photography
Thrillist "Best Instagram Photos
of Chicago 2016"